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Designed with operational efficiency in mind, the Genesis Skyline is the first machine of its kind with the ability to automate output based on demand. Machine programming is based on peak and low demands - programmed for specified times of the day and week; it provides simpler operations. During peak times, the machine can brew large batches straight from whole beans, and maintain different amounts of coffee in the urn - storing the urn at 25, 50, 75 or 100% full. During low demand, the machine can be switched to bean-to-cup mode and brew by the cup – saving operators both labor and waste.

  • Capacity – 250+ cups per day
  • Telemetry – The machine can provide a 360-degree view of your coffee business with data and advanced analytics. It helps optimize productivity and provide an accurate picture of sales progress via an online dashboard.
  • Premium Cup Quality – Guarantee your customers the freshest cup of coffee every time. Every brew cycle (cup or batch) is ground straight from whole beans for the freshest flavor, aroma and taste.
  • Fast and Consistent Delivery – Maximum speed serves customers quickly and efficiently (10 seconds to dispense a 16 oz cup from the urn, 40 seconds to dispense a 16 oz in bean-to-cup mode)
  • Eliminate Waste – Brew only what you sell.
  • Two Operating Modes:
  • Operator: For high capacity, staff driven environments like drive thru and busy cafes
  • Self Serve: Seamless experience for simple customer interaction